Assalamualaikum and hello! this blog is about food that's focus to Chineese cuisine. It all start since I should make a blog for my e-commerce subject. it just as intermediaries to luxury food of Chineese cuisine for customer. it offer to any booking and delivery especially for they who lives in Seremban 2. it was began developed this site by myself and helped by some classmates. although this site was created for my e-commerce subject, it will be continue for soon and after I was graduated. first it only focus to my college's communities and seremban 2's communities. it will be continue to expanding to other colleges, and generating a list of restaurant from which students could order food for delivery. I will look for private investor to built on an investment to expend it for soon. the revenue is generated through transaction fees which it just about 5 percent commission on each order from the sellers or restaurant. 

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